Wattyl Weathergard ProDeck

  • Provides and ultra-durable, long lasting, beautiful finish which shows the timber’s natural grain, and enhances the colour and appearance
  • Utilising Wattyl’s 3x Advanced Performance you can achieve
  • 3x longer – lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional decking oils; with
  • 3-way protection moisture, UV light, mould and fungus
  • 3x faster – up to 3 times faster job completion when compared to traditional decking oils. Cleaning and application is possible in one day
  • Water based, rich, transparent, pigmented oil finish
  • Use on decks, steps, pergolas, screens, gates and outdoor furniture
  • Available in ProDeck Natural and ProDeck Merbau pre-tinted colours
  • Available as a low sheen to satin finish depending on timber type and film build


Wattyl Weathergard ProDeck is a high quality transparent water-based decking oil for exterior decks and timber surfaces. Wattyl Weathergard ProDeck is quick and easy to apply; and provides an ultra-durable, long-lasting beautiful finish which shows the timber’s natural grain, and enhances the colour and appearance.

Where To Use

Ideal for timber decks, steps, pergolas, screens, gates, fences and outdoor timber furniture. Suitable for use on exterior bare timbers or over similar weathered oil or stain finishes.


Up to 10m2/L depending on the surface texture, porosity and method of application

Sizes Available

1L, 4L and 10L

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Wattyl Weathergard Decking Water-Based Oil

  • A revolutionary low odour water based decking oil
  • Advanced Hybrid Technology - benefit of an oil with user friendliness of an acrylic
  • Advanced UV protection and water repellent properties
  • Resists mould and fungus
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Tools clean up easily in water
  • Available in 3 factory tinted colours
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Wattyl Weathergard Decking Cleaner

  • A highly effective cleaner
  • Designed to rejuvenate greying timber
  • Prepares timber surfaces before applying a topcoat
  • Removes surface mould, grime and naturally occurring tannins
  • Restores all exterior wood work
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